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This homepage may look like your average, run-of-the-mill homepage, but it’s not…

We could tell you stuff like “A home’s landscape is the most vital part of a property.” or “A proper landscaping and property maintenance plan is essential to any house.” We could toss out some scientific facts like “Proper mowing practices are essential in developing a healthy lawn.” and “Properly mowed lawns will have lower weed populations and better moisture stress tolerance than other lawns.” But we won’t.

As a professional landscaping company, we feel like it is our responsibility to worry about these things. We won’t bore you with all these details; we will simply provide you with the very best landscape design, property maintenance, and lawn care services that you can find anywhere. Our dependable landscapers will manage everything from installing sprinklers and removing trees to shoveling snow and trimming shrubs.

Are you ready for a beautiful and healthy yard, but don’t know where to begin? Call Smith Landscaping today and let us take care of you!

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